Parents -


What I think is really cool is that the kids really seemed to be engaged in it.  My kids were sticking with this for an hour.  [And] the pop-out thing is so original!  Itís so obvious; itís so perfect. Itís really much more engaging than 90 percent of the art projects out there.
Amy Krouse Rosenthal
Parent and Author, The Motherís Guide to the Meaning of Life.



                           Itís such a terrific project.  Itís so nice to have a project that is limited simply by
                                       the child's imagination.  Itís a tremendous value; there is so much included!

Kathy Boedeker






This was so nice.  Sometimes you open the box and it looks great on the box but then you open it up and three little things pour out.  The little, tiny paint brush, the little thing of paint and the little thing youíre supposed to paintÖitís not really what you thought you were getting.

  Becky Pritikin



                    I thought the art project was really fun!  I had a lot of fun doing it [and] it allowed me
                          to feel like I was a really great artist!  I think itís great for my kids because they
                                                            can do it independently and be very proud of their product.

Sue Levin





        Teachers -
  As an art teacher, I love this project!  I love that itís not about the finished product.  You
  never know what youíre going to get; itís the process.  I think thatís the most important thing
  about being creative.
  Kim Allen
  Art teacher, Anshe Emet Day School, Chicago
  ďI would love to see this in schoolsĒ
  Julie Hauselman

Art teacher, The Old Town School of Music, Chicago

  And, of course, Kids -
  ďYou can make whatever you want!Ē  Janie, 5
  ďI liked making the puppets because they were very creative and cool.Ē  Miles, 8
  ďI think itís really fun.  You can use your imagination and there arenít any instructions.Ē   Jacob, 6
  ďI like the colors!Ē   Lily, 5

ďI liked everything:  I liked the frames and cards and puppets and everything.Ē   Zoe,  8