As moms of 5 year old girls, we were always buying craft kits as birthday gifts, holiday gifts, and just plain “gift” gifts for our children and their friends.   Enticed by great graphics, we’d nonetheless be disappointed by the products we bought:  limited materials, few creative possibilities and, oftentimes, only one way to complete the art project – just like the picture on the box!

We figured if we were frustrated by the choices available, then other moms must be too; and we were right.  So, we decided to make what we, and other moms, wanted to buy:  Timeless art activity kits that are fun, abundantly filled, and packed with possibility to keep our kids’ attention and imagination.  Suddenly Ava’s kitchen became our research lab and Made By Hands, Inc. was born.

Dena & Ava


  So welcome to Made By Hands™, where little hands create big ideas and children shape the world.  
  Ava & Dena  
  Made By Hands, Inc.  
  Ava Berry, co-president, is an artist, attorney and mother of two who has developed successful children's programs through the Americorps national service program. Her seven-year old daughter, Ella, serves as chief product tester while four-year old Lana manages the company's research and development facility, currently located in Ava's living room.  
  Dena Hirschberg, co-president, is a marketing consultant specializing in creativity and strategic innovation and participates in idea-generation sessions for new product development, brand positioning and naming. Her seven-year old daughter, Marlee, is acting Vice-President of Sales for several playgrounds in the Chicagoland area.